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Saving 1465 Greig Road will take all of us

Once green space is developed, it is gone forever.  Towering cedars and Douglas fir are rare and should be protected, especially when they form a connecting corridor between parks.  Developing areas like 1465 Greig Road results in fragmented ecosystems.  Currently wildlife can move from Englishman River Regional Park to the Englishman River estuary with minimal interruption.  Developing 1465 Greig Road will trap bear, deer, amphibians and other animals in the park and force them to navigate neighbourhoods to move to their feeding areas.

The District Group Developers are asking Parksville City Council to grant a zoning change and Official Community Plan amendment that will allow them to build 800 units of housing on this undeveloped connector piece of land.  Help us stop this development.

Google Earth map.jpg
1465 Greig Road
Englishman River
Englishman River Estuary

5 Reasons 1465 Greig Road Should not be Developed

1. It is an important wildlife corridor for fish, mammals and amphibians, including protected species.

2. It will contribute to urban sprawl with over 1500 people separated from the services of Parksville.

3. Parksville does not have enough water in the summer months to support over 1500 more people.

4. Most of this land is on a floodplain and subject to flooding.  It also acts as a flood mitigator for neighbours on Martindale Road.

5. Developing this site will remove 140 acres of natural open space necessary to the physical and mental health of the people of Parksville.

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