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Current Situation

The parcel of land at 1465 Greig Road is 140 acres and it is owned by an investment group in Vancouver.  Currently it is for sale for $13 million.  The District Group (another developer) wants to buy the land to put 800 units of mixed housing on it.  No single family homes are planned for the site. No affordable housing is planned for the site. Their plan is to buy the land in 10 acre segments and develop it over 10 years. 


The land is zoned Agricultural (A1) for gravel extraction which happened in the past. However, the property is not protected by the Agricultural Land Reserve.


The developer is seeking a zoning change to comprehensive residential, and a change to the Official Community Plan (OCP) to build greater density on the site.  If Parksville council doesn't hear opposition to the plan, they will grant the zoning changes.  You can voice your opposition in three ways:

1. Write City council and tell them you oppose the zoning change

2. Sign our petition

3. Attend the public hearing Feb. 13 at 6:00 pm to tell council what you think of the plan.


Why This Property is Important to Save

1465 Greig Road is bounded by the Englishman River.   The land forms a bridge from Englishman River Regional Park to Rathtrevor Provincial Park and the Englishman River Estuary.  As such it is a natural complement to the RDN Englishman River Regional Park.


There is second growth Douglas fir, arbutus and cedar trees on the property, and in spite of a past as a quarry and landfill, has proven surprisingly resilient.  Dozens of species rely on the land to access the Englishman River estuary.  This is especially true for salmon (pink, chum and coho spawn in the river) and steelhead trout which need two years in the river before they are mature enough to swim through the estuary to the sea. 


Users of the trail through 1465 Greig Road have documented bears, deer, owl, eagles, ravens, herons, frogs, dragonflies and moths on the property.

The developer's own environmental assessment noted a protected species, the northern red-legged frog, as well as significant trees, and a bear den on the site.

Dogs 1.png
Recreational Values

People use the 1465 Greig Road property for many types of recreation.  From cyclists visiting from the resorts, heading to Top Bridge Park, to dog walkers, scout groups and hikers, the trail, river and forest offer recreational activities for locals and visitors alike.

The 1465 Greig Road property is mostly level making it easy to access for people with strollers or mobility issues. 


This natural open space will be lost with 800 units of housing on the site.

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