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People Need Parks

Parks bring communities together. They are places we can go to, either alone or with friends and they are places we can go to make friends too. Think about dog walkers meeting other walkers on a trail.; kids meeting other kids in a playground; or groups who run or walk through parks. In a time of heightened awareness of the importance of keeping your distance and meeting outdoors, parks provide a place to meet, socialize, exercise or to share a picnic or barbeque. Parks also link communities to important services. They link schools, community centres and services such as grocery stores through trail networks and paths. For people who live in apartments, parks may be the only green space they can access.

Researchers tell us that parks are good for our mental and physical health. Canadian doctors can prescribe time in a park, or a Parks Canada pass as a medical health benefit.

If you love a park, go visit it. And when you get home, make a donation to a park foundation or acquisition fund to support the creation of more parks.

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